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coach eric reyes

running coach (english & Spanish)

Eric grew up playing soccer and basketball and was a part of the Boy Scouts of Mexico for 14 years. His time with the scouts helped him establish a strong passion for the outdoors and adventure at a young age. He took part in weekly excursions that involved mountaineering, hiking, climbing, rafting, kayaking, cave exploring, jungle traverses and ascending some of Mexico’s biggest peaks.

While studying Economics at the university level, Eric became a scout leader, teaching and helping junior and high school aged kids develop a love for the outdoors by taking them on adventures of survival and pushing their limits. This early experience helped instill in Eric a love for coaching and encouraging others to reach their goals. Today, Eric’s desire to help other runners succeed has become an extension of his early years working with the scouts, and has brought him closer to his roots as a natural teacher.  


Eric started as a self taught runner - learning through trial and error - and reading everything he could. Running quickly became his passion. Over the last several years, Eric has learned what it takes to become a competitive runner. He strives to help others who are new to running and may not know the best way to begin challenging themselves while avoiding the common pitfalls of those new to the sport. His unique experience as a lifelong learner and teacher give him the added benefit of knowing how to coach athletes with minimal to no running experience.


Although Eric is relatively new to running, thanks to coaches like Jacob Puzey, Eric has quickly gained the knowledge and experience that he puts into practice for the athletes he coaches. Over the course of the last few years, Eric transitioned from an often injured newbie to becoming a regular podium finisher at national running competitions.


Eric provides coaching services in both English and Spanish to assist runners looking to connect in their own language.  

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