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Marathon Running Coaching Plans in CA

Many people begin running in an effort to get in shape, while others know from day one that they want to compete at the highest level. Running a marathon is a goal for people of all skill levels, but without proper coaching and a detailed plan, this goal can be out of reach.

Peak Run Performance offers marathon running coaching for people all over the world and all across the state of California, from San Diego, CA, to Sacramento, CA. If you want to improve your performance, your health, and your self-esteem, get in touch today. We’ll work with you to establish marathon running coaching plans that can lift you to a new level of athletic success.

The Importance of Marathon Coaching


A marathon is a huge undertaking, and you need every edge you can get. When you work with a coach during your marathon training, you’ll receive far more than some simple motivational language. Ideally, marathon coaching will provide you with:

  • Fewer injuries. Starting to run too abruptly can often lead to overuse injuries, blisters, sprained ankles, and more. Our coaches can help you avoid these setbacks. 

  • Improved times. Have you had trouble pushing your times below a certain benchmark? A coach can help you maximize your time and potential and improve your performance.

  • Exercise variety. Running can be monotonous, but a coach can provide you with plenty of variety in your workouts.

  • Better health. Our nutrition coach can help you adapt your diet and lifestyle to better handle the rigors of long-distance running.

Peak Run Performance


Peak Run Performance will give you the tools you need to run better, look better, and feel better. With personalized coaching plans from one of our experts, you’ll find hidden talent within yourself that you’ve never seen before. Sign up today to begin working with one of our expert coaches. We look forward to working with you!

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