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We offer a variety of coaching services to assist you along your running journey. 

Whether you are looking to run your first 5K, qualify for the Boston Marathon, transition from road to trail running, or tackle an ultra or stage race you can take the guess work out of training by entrusting Peak Run Performance with the planning and any questions you have along the way.

We have assembled a team of knowledgeable, experienced, certified coaches & experts in the fields of endurance, nutrition, gait analysis, strength and physical therapy to ensure that the training you do aligns with you, your life, and your goals.  



Thank you for your interest in the coaching services we provide through Peak Run Performance.

We currently offer four different run coaching services in three different languages (English, Spanish, and Portuguese) depending on your needs: coaching consult calls, tailored training plans, one-on-one coaching and seasonal running retreats.

We also partner with other professionals to offer individualized nutrition, gait, and strength coaching.



coaching consult call

Coaching Consult Calls are one time calls for athletes that are not working one-on-one with one of our coaches to discuss goals, training, race strategy, race-day nutrition, etc.  These must be pre-paid and set up at a time that is convenient for athlete and coach alike (generally during the regular workday).  They consist of a 45 minute phone, Facetime, or Skype call depending on what works best for athlete and coach.

tailored training plan


Tailored Training Plans are an entire training plan for a predetermined period from start to finish.  Before tailoring the plan for you, we ask that you provide us with information about what you have been doing in training, the days that work best for you to train, the date(s) and distance(s) of your goal race(s), and your goals for the race. We use this information to tailor a plan for you. Prices vary depending on the duration of the plan starting at $25 USD per week / $100 per month.  The longer the plan, the lower the rate.

one-on-one coaching

One-on-one Online Coaching includes a regularly updated Tailored Training Plan (every 2-4 weeks) as well as regular correspondence and feedback through Final Surge, email, and telephone, Skype, or FaceTime. We value long-term commitment toward long-term goals. The longer the coaching commitment, the lower the monthly fee. Monthly rates vary depending on the duration of the commitment starting at $40 USD per week / $160 USD per month for the 12 month commitment.  *This is our best price and most popular service.

running retreats 


Running Retreats are the only time(s) we offer in-person run coaching. 


We have the Rocky Mountain Running Retreat (co-ed) scheduled for April 30-May 3, 2020 in the heart of the Canadian Rockies in Canmore, Alberta, Canada. 


If you want to meet in-person with some of our coaches, this is the way to do it!

remote gait analysis

Through our partner, Runfisix, we offer gait analysis measured using the latest wearable technology that builds a detailed profile of your running gait during your regular weekly runs. You get your data expertly interpreted and receive a summary report and personally tailored set of strength exercises and drills. Runfisix can also provide follow-up analyses as required at a discounted rate. These follow-up assessments allow you to monitor your improvements and ensure you are running better mechanically over time.  

For runners in Canada and the Continental US, we can send you a sensor kit which you can then send back to us (your return shipping costs: $10-20 USD). For runners outside of Canada and the Continental US or those who may want more regular analyses, we recommend purchasing a sensor kit from RunScribe that you can keep (kit cost: $250 USD). The data from your own kit can be connected to us and we can assess your data remotely.


After the interpretation of your initial gait dataset, you may want a re-assessment in order to monitor improvements in your running mechanics due to, for example, therapeutic treatment, new strength training exercises, changes in footwear or changes in running workouts. We will deliver follow-up interpretation reports, comparisons to previous results and any necessary recommendations.


* If you are interested in more than just an initial analysis or the ability to have your data interpreted periodically over time we recommend purchasing a sensor kit from RunScribe that you can keep. This will allow you to collect on demand data without the need to wait for a kit to arrive.


integrated individualized strength training

In partnership with Runfisx, we offer highly individualized online strength coaching that is seamlessly integrated with our online running coaching. The complimentary strength coaching is designed to reduce your chance of injury and improve your workout and race performance. We recommend undertaking a remote gait analysis prior to beginning the integrating strength training in order to optimally match the exercises to your gait mechanics and give you the best possible chance of success.


nutrition consultation


  • One 60-Minute Assessment

  • Educational material and general recommendations.

Recommended for people that want to address a couple of issues, but don't require a meal plan or advanced calculations.

basic nutrition plan


  • One 60-Minute Assessment

  • Educational material

  • Daily customized meal plan

  • 1 Follow up (basic questions are included)

sports nutrition plan


  • One 60-Minute assessment.

  • Daily customized meal plan (basic adjustments are included)-Here we will review your training plan so we can match the nutrition with your training.

  • Pre-and post-race nutrition.

  • Race nutrition (hydration, type of formula suitable, g/kg of carbohydrates/hour, electrolytes, osmolality, etc).

* Gait, strength, & nutrition services are available to One-on-One Coaching athletes at a discounted rate.