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In this video, Coach Eric Reyes demonstrates a tried and true SPEED workout known as Sprint / Floats. This workout can be done as part of a dynamic warm-up before an intense workout, added to the end of easy and long runs to add a bit more intensity and turnover, or as a standalone workout as a means of increasing turnover and running economy at any phase in the training process.

The version of the workout featured in the video is performed on a 400m track. Variations of the workout can be performed off the track by alternating between ~100m efforts at a 9/10 RPE and a 4-5/10 RPE on and off for ~100m at a time.

For more training resources, please visit our resources page and subscribe to our YouTube channel. To work directly with Coach Eric Reyes, please click on the blue box on the services page at to sign up for One-on-one Coaching.

Video & music produced by Peak Run Performance Coach Eric Reyes

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